Wearable Solution for Knee and Hip Injuries

Knee injuries happen too easily and too often. They require months of rehabilitation, or worse—months of sitting out. K-Tech Sensors identify imbalances and asymmetrical movements that can lead to knee injuries and increase the risk of re-injury.”

Our goal is Pre-hab, not rehab. 



Get personalized Injury risk assessment following your activity. Using a non-linear approach we examine your functional ranges of movement and bring any adverse movements to your attention.


Avoid Re-Injury

Understand your recovery and optimize your strategy. We cover the basic metrics like steps, and contact time. We help you succeed by giving you a visual aid to monitor your progress through recovery.



Preform better by understanding where you're lacking. We help reduce recovery times and lower risk of re-injury by educating you your preformance.


The sensors are so lightweight, you can’t even feel them!
— Taylor Pill - Madison 56ers
Finally someone is doing something about knee injuries
— Katherine Duffek
Comfortable, Fashionable, and I like that I can be seen running at night
— Anne Smith - Running Enthusiast

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