Movement mapping wearable technology for knee & hip injuries

Knee injuries happen too easily and too often. They require months of rehabilitation, or worse—months of sitting out. Torqwear identifies imbalances and asymmetrical movements that can lead to knee injuries and increase the risk of re-injury.”

Our goal is Pre-hab, not rehab. 



Get personalized Injury risk assessment following your activity. Using a non-linear approach we examine your functional ranges of movement and bring any adverse movements to your attention.


Avoid Re-Injury

Understand your recovery and optimize your strategy. We cover the basic metrics like steps, and contact time. We help you succeed by giving you a visual aid to monitor your progress through recovery.



Preform better by understanding where you're lacking. We help reduce recovery times and lower risk of re-injury by educating you your preformance.


The sensors are so lightweight, you can’t even feel them!
— Taylor Pill - Madison 56ers
Finally someone is doing something about knee injuries
— Katherine Duffek
Comfortable, Fashionable, and I like that I can be seen running at night
— Anne Smith - Running Enthusiast

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