Torq Brace

First Prototype

First Prototype

Going Wireless - Beta Concept

Going Wireless - Beta Concept

Beta Concept

Beta Concept

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Our technology captures moments of impact or great stress and logs it to be reviewed by strength training professionals 


"It's clear from analysis of NFL and NCAA injuries that players realize what injuries are likely to impact their ability to get drafted and perform," Alexander said. "Meniscal and cartilage procedures and ACL reconstructions are statistically the most damaging injuries..." -Peter Barzilai and Erik Brady, USA TODAY Sports

The Problem - ACL Injuries

"Approximately 200,000 people suffer ACL injuries in the United States each year."


ACL injuries occur when the femur and shin twist in opposing directions and a stress is applied. The ACL tears if the stress or strain is sharp enough. This can also occur because of a general weakening or degradation of the ligament from many small strains who's impact builds up from a lack of time for proper recovery.


  • Not just violent sports; 70% of all ACL injuries are non-contact injuries.

  • Women are most at risk; 2-8 times more likely to sustain an ACL tear.

  • Long recovery times; 9-12 months.

  • Risk of reinjury; "17% of athletes 18 years old and younger sustained a second ACL tear within five years"

"A study of NFL players who underwent ACL reconstruction showed that only 63% returned to play in a regular-season game within two seasons after surgery." - Dr. David Geier


The Solution - The Patella Sleeve

Pictures Coming Soon!



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