Train Anywhere. Injury Free.



Torq Smart Leggings uses lightweight wearable sensors to improve your performance and identify of your movement asymmetries,  which are known precursors to developing an injury. Connecting to our mobile app, we provide you with a personalized injury risk assessment based on clinical research techniques keep your knees and hips in proper alignment

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We have taken expensive gait analysis tools out of the research and clinical setting and made them useable by all. Our lightweight sensors and performance leggings help you to understand your gait cycle and movement symmetry for the duration of your exercise, alerting you to inefficiencies and potential risks for injury. Whether hitting the pavement or off the beaten path we help you stay active.  Our goal is to keep you moving and not endure the toils of rehabilitation.



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We believe in bring good stewards of the environment and as such have incorporated the following technologies into Torq Smart Leggings. 

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