Our Affiliates

While the founding members did much of the heavy lifting early on, we could not have gotten this far with out the help of our team. Each of our team members bring a unique set of skills to Torq. They understand their contributions, insights and perspective can help people all around the world that they will never meet. It is for that reason they have been selected to join Torq Labs.

Sujoy Pereira - Strategy and Analytics Consultant

Kodee Williams - Sales and Marketing Consultant


Jack Morrisroe - Strategic Communication and PR Intern

Ilana Friedman - Legal Researcher and Intern


Among the many commonalities between the co-founding team, one in particular is the profound respect we have for all of our coaches, teammates, and anyone who helped us to get to where we are today.  We believe that giving back is the strongest and most powerful way of saying thank you to those who have put in the hours to help us achieve our goals.

Whether and you're a professional or an amateur, if you're chasing a goal, we want to help!! Feel free to email support@torqlaboratories.com to learn about becoming a Torq sponsored athlete.