Current Challenge: Reduce ACL INJURIES PER YEAR

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Torn ACL is among the most common sports injuries in the World

Torn ACL is among the most common sports injuries in the World

  • ACL INJURIES per Year: 150,000 - 200,000

  • Females 2-8 times more like to Injure an ACL

  • Injury occurs when thigh and shin twist against one another and the ligament holding them together (ACL)  ruptures due to the increased stress.



Introducing the first ACL Injury Prediction and Prevention Technology

By placing Torq gears in a compression legging, we can accurately detect the stresses acting on your knee's in real time!




Moving Matters!


Torq Labs spesicalizes in motion capture and data analysis. 




Angular deviation

By measureing the deviation from the expectedangle movements.. we can derive the stress acting on that joint.


Valgus Moment


Can't Forget the Phys!


Josh's Section


The Oceans 11 Model


Oceans 11 is a movie about a group of dynamic, clever criminals coming together to pull off an elaborate heist. But when you take step back and really consider it, it was a group of people with a variety of skill sets working together to achieve a common goal.  

Torq labs was founded on the principle of working together towards a common goal. Our goal just happens to be helping people stay active by reducing the number of ACL injuries...instead of robbing a casino.





Julian has experience working on 2 start-ups prior to founding Torq Labs. With strong organizational leadership his dynamic personality encourages the team succeed. Julian holds dual Masters degrees in Public Health and Public Administration. Julian also has played and coached soccer at the NPSL, NCAA and NFHS levels  



John naturally possesses a high-level of mathematical aptitude as he worked on NASA rocket research while in Middle school. Johns ability to accuratey recall abstract fundamental rules of math and physics makes him an incredible asset to Torq Laboratories. 




Justin bring a strong IT consulting background to the Torq team. He is part warewolf and as such can grow hair like its nobodies business. If ever in need of hating someone.. Give Justin a call!



Performance Scientist

Following a notable NCAA soccer career Josh turned his focus to physiology with a particular interest neuro-dynamic physiology.


VP Torq Foundation

Japheth Cato will be joining the Torq Team following his bid for the 2016 Olympics


Mechanical Engineer

Alex brings technical guidance and product development experience as he is a graduate student in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on polymer compounds and 3D-printing. Alex is a Big Ten Champion, 2nd team All-American and has his sights set on qualifying at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.



Lead Software Developer

Aquired the name "Hot Thumbs" when he burned his thumb on the stove during new years.  James joins the Torq team with a 3.9 GPA from the Universtiy Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors in Computer Science. In his spare time, James likes to lift weights and be a full stack software developer.

torq labs supporting athletes chasing a goal


Among the many commonalities between the co-founding team, one in particular is the profound respect we have for all of our coaches, teammates, and anyone who helped us to get to where we are today.  We believe that giving back is the strongest and most powerful way of saying thank you to those who have put in the hours to help us acheive our goals.

Whether and you're a professional or an amatuer, if you're chasing a goal, we want to help!! Feel free to email to learn more about becoming a Torq sponsored athlete.


Get to know some of our Torq Athletes


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Cara walls

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Lauren Mckay

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